In the middle of the night after my gorgeous, wonderful, dedicated and truly fab husband, Dunc, died suddenly during a game of football, in April 2013, I started a thread on Mumsnet asking for a little handholding.  Several weeks later, I was invited to write a blog for the Huffington Post, as the editor had seen my thread.  Initially, I assumed, in my ignorance, that it was a small local newspaper in East Sussex.  Someone gasped when I told them about the invitation, so I decided to Google it and found it was rather more significant.  The first six posts that I have added to my blog here were first posted on the Huffington Post in August 2013.

I am writing in memory of Dunc, and in order to try and order my thoughts a little as I start my new life with Sam, aged 5, and Thomas, aged 3.  They keep me busy and make sure that I don’t have too long to dwell on things at any one time.


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  1. Hi, I hope you don’t mind me finding you here, I read (and commented) on your MN thread, I’m not on MN now so can’t message you that way. I remembered that April was the anniversary month of your tragic loss, I just wanted to let you know you and your lovely boys are remembered – I know you’ve been an inspiration to many.

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